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Eagle Scout graduate’s custom mortarboard is a tip of his cap to Scouting,

Bryan Wendell
When Kevin McCarthy was deciding how to customize his graduation cap, he wanted to find a way to show off his Scouting pride to his classmates and family.

Jeep Prepared: Feast your eyes on this volunteer’s Boy Scout Expedition Vehicle,

Bryan Wendell
If Matt Janchar's Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon seems like it was custom built for Scouting adventures, that's because it was.

Century-old printing presses breathe new life into Graphic Arts merit badge,

Bryan Wendell
Using technology invented in 1440 on printing presses built 100 years ago, Scouts earn one of the BSA's least-earned merit badges.

Polaris ATV trails at the Summit Bechtel Reserve are full of thrilling twists and turns,

Bryan Wendell
A world-class ATV experience awaits Scouts and Venturers at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. It's called the Polaris OHV Center for Excellence.

Download the official app of the 2017 National Jamboree,

Bryan Wendell
The 2017 National Jamboree app, available now on iOS and Android, was developed by BSA volunteers and is powered by AT&T.

Parents of boy with autism were told to ‘try Scouting,’ and this happened,

Bryan Wendell
If you had to pick just one point of the Scout Law to describe Isaiah V., it would be brave. That same word applies to his mom and dad, too.

Meet Eagle Scout Raja Chari, one of NASA’s newest astronauts,

Clay Swartz
NASA announced its 2017 astronaut class — 12 men and women from 18,000 applicants. It shouldn’t come a surprise that one, Raja Chari, is an Eagle Scout.

Philo Farnsworth, inventor of modern TV, was an Eagle Scout,

Bryan Wendell
Television pioneer Philo T. Farnsworth received all sorts of belated honors for his inventions. But he never received the Eagle Scout badge he had earned.

Eagle Scout could be on his way to sainthood,

Bryan Wendell
Francis J. Parater was one of just 96 young men who became an Eagle Scout in 1915. Now leaders in the Catholic church want to make him a saint.

He’s visiting all 4 high-adventure bases in 1 epic summer,

Bryan Wendell
Ben Pycraft, a 19-year-old Eagle Scout from North Ridgeville, Ohio, will travel by car to all four BSA high-adventure bases this summer.

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Visit Camp Pico Blanco in the heart of California’s Big Sur area,

Gretchen Sparling
Hike among the redwoods and swim in crystal-clear waters at this spectacular California camp, Pico Blanco.

How to treat burns in the backcountry,

Gretchen Sparling
Treat a backcountry burn with these first-aid methods, including knowing when the severity of a burn requires further attention and treatment.

Activities to help keep your Scouts adventuring after dark,

Gretchen Sparling
Scouting adventures don't have to end after dark. Keep exploring with activities like night hikes, stargazing, wildlife observation and more.

The key to a longer life might be in your body’s telomeres,

Gretchen Sparling
From what to drink and how to exercise, these lifestyle changes could help you slow down aging by boosting your telomeres.

How to make hiking with your Cub Scouts meaningful and fun,

Gretchen Sparling
Use these strategies to encourage and engage your Cub Scouts when hiking outdoors.

Make your raingutter regatta a ‘recycle regatta’,

Bryan Wendell
Short on supplies? No problem! Use these tips for hosting a raingutter regatta using recycled materials.

Motivate Cub Scouts with the Outdoor Activity Award,

Gretchen Sparling
Help your Cub Scouts pursue the Outdoor Activity Award.

How the Teaching EDGE adds depth to a Yellowstone paddling trip,

Gretchen Sparling
Scouts leave civilization — and their comfort zones — behind as they explore Yellowstone National Park by canoe.

10 ways day camp helps strengthen the Cub Scouting experience,

Gretchen Sparling
From trying new things, completing advancement activities, getting parents involved and more, day camp helps make the Cub Scouting experience even better.

Tips for teaching the Environmental Science merit badge,

Gretchen Sparling
Capturing Scouts' attention when it comes to observing nature can be a challenge. Pique their interest with the Environmental Science merit badge.

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